Bromeliad Hybrids: For my own Satisfaction Book 1 Neoregelias


Bromeliad Hybrids:

For my own Satisfaction Book 1 Neoregalias
The collection of Neoregalias – a work covering almost 15 years.
from Margaret and Bill Paterson, world renown breeders

  • Neoregalias
  • Cryptanthus
  • Tillandsia
  • Vriesea

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Bromeliad Hybrids: For my own Satisfaction Book 1 – Neoregelia

Margaret Paterson has spent many years collecting, tendering, fussing and cherishing her plants, and now with the help of husband, Bill, all her Neoregelia are in one place.
Just For You!
This is the easiest way to view Margaret’s amazing collection of Bromeliads
The pages are packed with gorgeous Neo specimens that she has bred herself.
And I challenge you to pick your favorite because I sure can’t!
Or you could visit her plant house in Gympie, Australia, but unfortunately,
it’s probably just too far for most, so take a ‘stroll’ through Margaret and Bill’s book.

Be amazed by the beauty and try to imagine how many hours she has spent with these plants.
Every page is an extravaganza of magnificent specimens bred by Margaret’s.
Vibrant oranges; seductive pinks; dazzling greens; luscious yellows; outrageous reds
and all the wonderful shades in between, a medley of colours to feast on.
Spoil yourself or a friend, discover and share Margaret’s passion
“for her own satisfaction” for years to come.

This book includes:

  • 426 colour photos of Margaret’s hybrids
  • Notes on different crosses
  • Full index and pages of Hybrid Parentage

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