Getting ready for the Qld Garden Expo in July

Critters in various states of development the ‘chooks’ – fairylight grass hair, real hand painted glass eyes, oogoo noses/beaks. Most made with 3 or 4 triangular pieces of the EAL fabric machined stitched together. These are wonderful step planters, they won’t break when dropped. the ‘frogs’ on swings…. not quite finished and a dragon/lizard – […]

Why have hanging baskets

Hanging Baskets – why? Probably the most common reason is colour, when baskets are calculatingly cultivated they respond with cascades of brilliant colours. Examples of this can be seen around the world and especially in many competitions in garden shows. With designer gardens making the most of available space for paving, decks,┬ápatios with fountains and […]

How to assemble the basket kits

How to assemble the hanging basket kits Videos These are a couple of videos I have done so far. The basket kits aren’t hard to assemble once you understand the system. All the sizes are multiples of 8, and the sides are basically a basket weave – over one then under next, then over again. […]

Measure your baskets for new EAL liners

Hanging baskets provide colour, atmosphere, privacy and ….. they can look fabulous. Hanging baskets have been around forever, everybody has heard of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The city of Victoria BC has made hanging baskets their trademark. In 2015, 1035 hanging baskets were assembled by the City’s Parks staff, they have become a […]