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Eco Aus Liners

The Material:

made of recycled soft drink bottles in Australia

As a basket liner

  • Lightweight
  • Porous
  • Flexible
  • very strong
  • And best of all – reusuable.
  • The birds don’t take it for their nests*1
  • Can be cut easily with scissors – ideal for specifically shaped baskets or sculpting
  • sew be sewn either by hand or on a machine


  • thin material, but bulky when folded
  • Doesn’t hold the moisture

The material is made up of finely  spun PET fibres, green and brown in colour interlocked into a woven mesh of black hpde.

We use the off cuts to make sculptures for the garden,

Over the past few years we have had at the Queensland Garden Show in Nambour, Qld

A teddy bear
A giraffe
Lucy lounging on a garden chair
A gnome
Numerous chooks
Chooks on swings
A family of 4 – approx 4ft high people
A kangaroo with a joey
A couple of Dogs
Numerous garden ninjas*2
Other critters
*1 Generally the birds don’t take the fibres of this material for their nests as it is a not natural fibre, it is a man-made fibre.
But there are unfortunately in our gardens some delinquent birds who will deliberately it seems just make a hole in our basket liners or peck at the liners with a similar drastic result. I have heard of these types of birds attacking glass doors till they broke- the glass that is, not the birds because they didin’t like seeing their reflections – maybe.
*2 These creations were nicknamed ‘garden ninjas’ by the young boys walking by at the Garden Show in Nambour last year when we had these ‘garden critters’ on display.